Alvatal on is umbrella organization for Estonian open-source and free software initiatives.

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What is Alvatal?

Alvatal focuses efforts of businesses, non-profit organizations, and volunteers in the pursuit of transparent software and hardware solutions. It is important for us that mainstream software would be open-source in order to guarantee user's freedom of choice and sustainability of software solutions in Estonia. We also emphasize the importance of same aspects regarding computer hardware, so third parties wouldn't have the opportunity to tap into user's text messages, e-mails, audio- or videocalls.

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What do we offer?

Alvatal rises awareness about open-source and free software among citizens and businesses of Estonia and we connects customers to service providers. We promote open solutions, which leverage business opportunities of Estonian companies on the international market. We organize community events to bring closer people with similar interests.

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Benefit for me?

Since restoration of independence Estonia has developed rapidly into an e-state. We help you get connected to Estonian businesses dealing with open-source and Estonian e-services. Tap into Estonian e-infrastructure already today.

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Host an event

Within Europe Estonia still remains one of the affordable places to organize meetings and conferences. In 2012 we hosted Akademy which was one of the biggest open-source conferences held in Estonia. We have facilities to host conferences for up to 400 persons.

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Become e-resident

In 2014 Estonia was the first country in the world to offer e-residence for foreigners. All e-residents get electronic identity tokens which they can use to autheticate online and sign legally binding documents. Estonian e-residents enjoy doing business within European Union in a simplified manner avoiding the usual paperwork.

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Join the community

Our local members are actively looking for partner­ships with inter­national companies of open-source back­ground. Open-source biased e-residents are welcome to join Alvatal to express their business interests in Estonia and European Union. If you are an open source active company then you are welcome to join the Alvatal network. Please download the application form, fulfill it using LibreOffice, export into PDF, digitally sign it and send via e-mail to

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